Kids Make Your Own Clock Kit, Build A Clock Kit


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Kids Make Your Own Clock Kit

Let your child learn how clocks really work by building one themselves. Learn how gears work in sequence. What the pendulum does to power the mechanism. How the bell chime is activated at the top of the hour. Why the hands move, and learning to tell time with them. This make your own clock kit is completely transparent, so children can keep learning once they’ve built it. They’ll see the parts all working together to keep time.

This clock kit includes everything you need to build, from start to finish, no tools or batteries needed! Spin the cogs, check out the springs, watch the arms & bell. Wind up, and watch in wonder, at an example of a centuries old device working with no battery or electric power. Purely spring and pendulum driven! By building this clock, your child will learn about cause & effect, transfer of energy, engineering, and telling time.

Your child will feel like a little engineer with a great sense of accomplishment, after building their own little clock. Wind it up for up to 6 hours at a time. Recommended for 6 years and up. This is a puzzle toy and does not keep accurate time, sorry. 

Makes a great engaging gift for any child! Get one today. Thanks for shopping with KingWood Clocks.

  • – 31 Pieces
  • – No batteries required
  • – assembly is required
  • – video assistance available online


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