KWC Premium Owl House Box
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Benefits Of An Owl House Box

Hi folks, in this video we discuss some of the prime benefits of Screech Owls nesting on your property. A KingWood Premium Cedar Owl House Box is the best way to attract an owl family to your yard! We’ll show show you just how easy it is to install. 👍

Cedar is a stable wood, that lasts for years, free from the maintenance of staining or painting. Our design features a convenient pull pin to release the debris. Owls are not known for their good housekeeping! HaHa! Air flows thru the base and large 6×6 inch viewing window providing proper ventilation in nest box. Catch your owl sunbathing at sunrise and sunset. 🌞

They may be skittish at first, but they’ll warm up to you and your family! Your pets generally won’t scare the owl off. Screech owls hunt small rodents, lawn pests, and are not a threat to your small dogs or cats! 🐕🐈

Join us in helping these beautiful owls! Begin a beneficial relationship for the owl, your family, as well as your lawn! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🏡🦉

Visit us to learn more of the amazing benefits of a KingWood Cedar Owl House Box on your property. Don’t delay!

Start your OWL ADVENTURE today!!! 🦉

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Owl House Box Install

Screech owl birdhouse install made Easy! Our first blog video! I know…nothing to do with clocks. But the owls are important to us at KingWood Manor, and we do our best to promote the owl population. Enjoy our video of Ian taking you thru the simple process of installing an owl house. From necessary tools […]

8 Day Cuckoo Clock Set Up 1

8 Day Cuckoo Clock Set-Up

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KingWood Cedar Owl House Box Promo

KingWood Cedar Owl House Box Promo

We are excited about Screech owl season here at KingWood Manor! Our Hooty has been nestled in her box for a few months now. It won’t be long before mating begins, and the chance for baby owlets grows closer! Our second box has had a youngling pop in and out a few nights, but doesn’t […]