KingWood Cedar Owl House Box Promo

We are excited about Screech owl season here at KingWood Manor! Our Hooty has been nestled in her box for a few months now. It won’t be long before mating begins, and the chance for baby owlets grows closer! Our second box has had a youngling pop in and out a few nights, but doesn’t really seem to have settled down so to speak. We’ll keep looking out for that.

The KingWood Cedar Owl House Box is a great fun way to bring your family together! The shared experience of watching a screech owl nesting, sunbathing, and feeding their growing owlets. Owls are efficient hunters. Great for pest control of large insects and small rodents that may do damage to your property. A great safe alternative to many pest control options. 

Enjoy our new promotional video! If you’ve already got your nesting box, KingWood Clocks thanks you! Please share your pictures and stories with us here on the KingWood Blog. If you’re not experiencing the magic of owls, please pop over to the listing, learn a little more about homing an owl on your property. 

Thanks for checking out our post. 

Happy Owl Adventures!

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  1. John Sprunck

    Got my owl house about 4 weeks ago and installed it right away. We had been hearing a screech owl a night but no sightings. We installed the box in a red oak tree about 25ft from our bedroom window. A screech owl has taken up residency and we have watched him/her perch in the opening several times in the morning. Very enjoyable. Love our new neighbors!

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